String Wax and Cleaner

  • 30-06

    30-06 Compound Snot Lube Combo 3 Pk.

    Compound bow wax and lubricant combo pack. Increases performance and durability of equipment. Includes bow string wax, parts pen oiler, and arrow release fluid.Features:Increases performance and durabilityProtects and prolongs equipment lifeRated at -25...

  • 30-06

    30-06 Little Snot Bowstring Wax

    Little Snot is the little brother size to String Snot in a clear formula. Little Snot is a precision blend of wax, oil & grease. This makes Little Snot a clear choice over any traditional style bow string lubricant.Features:100% OdorlessWill Not...

  • 30-06

    30-06 Snot Station Counter Display 78 Pc.

    The Snot Station is a 78 piece counter display that includes (30) String Snot, (12) Arrow Snot, (12) Rail Snot, (12) Bow Snot Oiler Pens and (12) X-Fuel Crossbow Lubes.Features:78 pieceCounter display(30) String Snot, (12) Arrow Snot, (12) Rail Snot,...

  • 30-06

    30-06 String Snot Bowstring Wax

    A precise blend of wax, grease and oil. Engineered to improve performance. Prevents bow string feathering. 100 percent odorless and waterproof.Features:Precise blend of wax, grease and oilEngineered to improve performanceOdorless and waterproof

  • Bcy

    Bcy Ml6 Bowstring Wax

    ML-6 penetrates and lubricates all fibers both inside and out with an unique blend of silicone.Features:Penetrates and lubricatesUnique blend of silicone

  • Bcy

    Bcy X Wax

    Super silicone formula; perfect for all bowstrings. Scent free, water repellant and abrasion resistant. Excellent string penetration and protection.Features:Silicone formulaScent freeWater repellantAbrasion resistant

  • Bohning

    Bohning Grit Guard

    This non-tacky wax formula prevents dirt and lint from collecting on strings and keeps tacky residue off fingers. The premium conditioners revitalize old strings. For use on natural and synthetic strings. Comes in a wax applicator box that allows...

  • Bohning

    Bohning Seal-tite String Wax 1 Oz.

    Silicone based wax formulated for trating high tensile strength bow string materials. Holds bow string strands together, while lubricating strands as they move against each other during the shot.Features:Silicone basedHolds bow string strands...

  • Bohning

    Bohning String Shield Wax .25 Oz.

    Silicone based liquid wax that instantly penetrates the bowstring with no heat necessary. The sponge applicator is clean and easy, and the String Shield formula reduces string friction while enhancing tired string colors. This odorless and waterproof wax...

  • Bohning

    Bohning Tex-tite String Wax 1 Oz.

    Keeps moisture out of your bowstring as it holds strands together. Sticky enough to hold strands together, but dry at room temperature. 3" push out tube.Features:Keeps moisture out of bow string3" push tubeDry at room temperature

  • Bohning

    Bohning Tex-tite String Wax Box

    Keeps moisture out of your bowstring as it holds strands together. Sticky enough to hold strands together, but dry at room temperature. 40 gram applicator box.Features:Keeps moisture out of your bowstringHolds strands togetherDry at room temperature

  • Bohning

    Bohning Xccelerator String Wax

    All natural based wax and conditioner that greatly reduces string friction and abrasion typically found at slides, wheels and rollers. Resists penetration by water down to the critical string fibers.Features:All naturalResists water penetration

  • Gibbs

    Gibbs String Wax/rail Lube Earth Scent

    Excellent bow string protection. Stops string from drying out. Use it for a great Earth scent cover up. Wax has a tacky base that is easy to put on the string.Features:Tacky baseStops string from drying outWorks as a cover scent