• Blue


    Lightstar Flashlight Filter Fits TT-5 and TDR-2

    TerraLUX Tactical Flashlight Filter fits the very popular TerraLUX TT-5 and TerraLUX TDR-2 flashlights. The light is most easily picked up by the eye and is ideal for forested areas. Ideal for hunters to track game without giving away your presence...

  • Nightstick

    Nightstick Clip-On Magnetic Base - 5566-68

    Clip-on magnetic base for use with all of the 5566-68 angle lights. The design clips onto the base of the light in a similar way that the charger does but incorporates two rare earth magnets on the bottom and back of the base. Works with the XPP-5566 or...


    NITECORE Remote Pressure Tool for P10-P20

    Nitecore's P10 and P20 Flashlights are versatile pieces of gear ideal for outdoorsmen, hunters, and men and women in uniform. This accessory is the perfect addition for anyone looking to make their powerful handheld device into an ultra-tough weapon...

  • Streamlight

    Streamlight 18650 8 Bank Charger 120V 100V AC

    With the Streamlight 18650 8 Bank Charger, you can organize, store, and charge up to 8 18650 batteries and fully charge them in 5.25 hours. The charge bays securely hold batteries in place and it is ideal for truck mounting. Each battery slot features...

  • Streamlight

    Streamlight DC1 Charge Cord X-Series

    The Streamlight DC1 Charge Cord X-series features a 12v DC cigarette lighter adapter. This charge cord works with all Streamlight rechargeable flashlights except for the Twin Task and features a 42 inch cord. Pleaase note this cord will not work without...

  • Streamlight

    Streamlight Glock Contour Remote

    The Streamlight Glock Contour Remote Switch for TLR Weapon Lights gives your tactical light swift on and off capabilities. This remote pressure switch fits snugly around the trigger guard of a Glock 17 22 and 19 23 size frames and allows the light to...

  • Streamlight

    Streamlight Nylon Holster for Stinger LED

    Perfect for law enforcement, mechanics, or anybody who relies on a flashlight to perform their job, theStreamlight Nylon Holster for Stinger LED Flashlightprovides hand-free carry so that you can access your light only when you need it. Itfeatures asnap...

  • Streamlight

    Streamlight Remote Door Switch Assembly

    The Streamlight Remote Door Switch Assembly easily replaces the standard battery door and switch on Streamlight TLR1 and TLR2 series lights. It retains the momentary and lock funciton of the original paddle switch. The rubber weather cap keeps the...

  • Streamlight

    Streamlight Stinger Smart Charger

    The Streamlight Stinger Smart Charger holder is a 2.5 hour Smart Charger for all Streamlight Stinger series lights. This Streamlight charger recharges a Stinger LED in 4.5 hours on USB input or 3 hours on AC or DC input. Get a Streamlight Charger Holder...

  • Streamlight

    Streamlight Strion Charger AC DC USB

    The Streamlight AC DC USB Strion Charger is a clamp style charger holder for the Streamlight Strion series with a digital control circuit that prevents over charge. It fully recharges the battery in 3 hours. The charge base has LED indication with the...

  • Streamlight

    Streamlight Survivor LED Facecap Assembly

    Sometimes parts go missing or need replacement. Keep your Streamlight lantern in top working condition with authentic OEM factory parts. The Streamlight Survivor LED Face Cap Assembly fits any new model Streamlight Survivor LED Lanterns. Don't get caught...

  • Streamlight

    Streamlight TLR Remote Pressure Switch Plug Coil

    The Streamlight TLR Remote Pressure Switch Plug Coil fits the TLR1 and TLR2 Series lights. The shotgun coil remote switch allows for expansion of cord with pump action. The tethered rubber cap keeps the connector dry when the remote is not in use. All...