Solar/portable Power

  • Covert Scouting Cameras

    Covert Replacement Solar Panel Kit

    The Covert Replacement Solar Panel Kit featurs a 10 Ft. camera connector cable with terminal. You no longer have to worry about your camera dying. Coverts new solar panel is the cure. The solar panel works with all 2014-2019 Covert model cameras that use...

  • Covert Scouting Cameras

    Covert Solar Panel

    The Covert Solar Panel Charger is a 11V and 5.5W advanced mono-crystalline solar panel. It features a rear pouch, with a 36.2 inch 18awg cable with tin plated faston .25 inch insulated connectors. It also features new PWM charge controller to charge a 6...


    Rocksolar Foldable Solar Panel

    This ROCKSOLAR Foldable Solar Panels foldable design and ability to gather green energy on the go make it ideal for road trips, camping, and other outdoor excursions. These PET monocrystalline solar panels convert sunlight into useable power at above 20...


    Rocksolar Portable Power Station

    This ROCKSOLAR Portable Power Station provides you with plenty of power to charge and run small electronics when there are no available power sources nearby. This power station is equipped with a powerful 222Wh lithium ion battery. This efficient battery...

  • Solpro Orange


    Solpro Helios Smart -

    The Solpro HELIOS SMART (Solpro Orange) is a solar powered smart charger. You can use it just like you would any other USB battery bank. Charge the internal 5,000mAh battery and keep your mobile devices powered while you're on the go. You can also use...

    $91.30 - $97.18
  • Third Wave Power

    Third Wave Power mPowercard w/ Built In USB Cable

    The TWP-96002 mPowercard brings card-sized power that can fit in your pocket and provide portable back-up power for smartphones, tablets and other USB devices. No larger than a credit card, it comes with a built-in micro USB cable and connector that...

  • Third Wave Power

    Third Wave Power mPowerflash Emergency Kit 5200 mAH

    The mPowerflash is a rechargeable LED flashlight and 5200 mAH power bank with built-in emergency tools. Rugged and water-resistant, it is designed for use outdoors and in emergency situations. Integrated windshield breaker and seatbelt cutter makes it an...

  • Third Wave Power

    Third Wave Power mPowerpack 25 Pocket Battery Pack

    The Third Wave Power mPower Pack 25 has 2500 mAh battery capacity which charges a smartphone 1 to 2 times. Compact, light and ultra portable. Comes with built-in flashlight. Works on its own or docks into mPowerpad 2 solar charger (available separately)...

  • Third Wave Power

    Third Wave Power mPowerpad 2 Mini Solar Charger

    The mPowerpad 2 Mini is a lightweight, palm-sized solar charger that you can take along with you anywhere for stand-by power. Featuring a highly efficient 3.3 watts solar panel, it charges fast when placed under the sun or mounted on a window. Once...

  • Third Wave Power

    Third Wave Power mPowerpad 2 Xplore Solar Charger

    This Third Wave Power mPowerpad2 Xplore USB cable has 6600 mAh battery capacity which charges a smartphone 4 to 5 times. Comes with built-in reading light, flashlight, SOS signal, FM Radio and insect repellant . Optional mPowerPack Battery fits into...

  • Third Wave Power

    Third Wave Power mPowerpad Tuff 3000 mAh

    The mPowerpad Tuff 3000 mAH is a rugged solar charger that provides power and light for your outdoor life. Its highly efficient solar panel charges fast when placed under the sun. When the sun goes down, four rotatable LEDs provide ample light for...

    $31.86 - $37.98
  • Third Wave Power

    Third Wave Power mPowerpad Xtend 6W Solar Kit

    The mPowerpad Xtend 6W is a portable solar kit that provides convenient, off-the-grid power to recharge smartphones and power banks. A built-in smart chip ensures continuous charging even in varying weather conditions. Compact and lightweight, it comes...