• RapidPure

    RapidPure Explorer Camp Filter/Housing

    RapidPure Explorer CampĀ  reduce bacteria and cysts, but if viruses are suspected, they specifically instruct you treat filtered water with chemicals such as chlorine dioxide or iodine to make the water safe from viruses. The filters act as the scaffold...

    $46.78 - $57.85
  • RapidPure

    RapidPure Explorer Camp Housing Extension

    RapidPure Explorer Camp Housing Extension adds length to the filters that reduce bacteria and cysts. RapidPure captures viruses that are too small for other filtration systems to capture. The Explorer Camp Housing Extension is an added feature of the...

  • RapidPure

    RapidPure Intrepid 1.9L Water Bottle Filter 4.5in

    RapidPure Intrepid 1.9L Water Bottle Filter is 4.5in and comes with the Nano Filtration Technology designed for drinking water purification systems. Each filter comes with two (2) straw connectors which allow a single RapidPure assembly to fit three...

  • Reliance

    Reliance Aqua-Pak Water Container 5 Gallon

    The Reliance 5 Gallon Aqua-Pak is made of translucent light blue material which makes it easy to see the liquid level in the container. It also features a hideaway spout that can be quickly attached for easy pouring then removed for safe storage. This...

  • 7 Gallon


    Reliance Aqua-Tainer Water Container 7 Gallon

    The Reliance 7 Gallon Aqua-Tainer big blue is the most popular and trusted water container on the market. Made from rugged materials it features an ergonomic contoured handle and premium screw on vent cap. This container comes with a hideaway spout for...

  • Reliance

    Reliance Jumbo-Tainer Water Container 7 Gallon

    The Reliance 7 Gallon Jumbo-Tainer combines the easy to carry shape of a traditional jerry can with a more functional design. Boasting a huge 7 gal./26L capacity the Jumbo-Tainer is ideally suited for trips requiring lots of water. The Jumbo-Tainer comes...

  • Reliance

    Reliance SafeGo - Indoor/Outside Portable Security

    SafeGo Portable Indoor and Outdoor Safe with 3-digit custom combination code and key access. Heavy-duty flexible steel cable securely locks around almost any fixed object with the rust-resistant, nickel-plated lock (zinc alloy). Lightweight ABS plastic...

  • Reliance

    Reliance Water-Pak Water Container 5 Gallon

    The revamped Reliance 5 Gallon Water-Pak Water Container is designed and engineered for superior strength and can also be stacked 2 high when filled. It now includes a secondary swivel handle for easier poring. It comes with a hideaway spout that can be...

  • Smith's

    Smiths Pack Pal Tinder Maker with Fire Starter

    These products are great for the avid outdoorsman, hunter, camper, hiker, or backpacker. They could also be useful in emergency or disaster situations. Lightweight, compact, and durable construction. Fire starter with striker. Makes natural tinder from...

  • Timberline

    Timberline Olive Paracord Survival Belt-Small

    The paracord survival belt is used everyday where a heavy duty belt is needed to hold up ones pants! The unique weave patterns of two strands of paracord allow the belt to have more adjustability instead of the five holes of ranges of adjustment common...

  • Black

    Wise Foods

    Wise Foods 5 Day Survival Backpack

    5 Day Survival Backpack with food, water, first aid, and warmth 32 Servings of Gourmet Meals. Includes: Apple Cinnamon Cereal, Brown Sugar Cereal, Creamy Pasta, Southwest Beans and Rice, Rice Pilaf, and Whey Milk 5 Water Pouches Portable Stove Including...