Elk Calls

  • Buck Baits

    Buck Baits Exotic Wooden Cow Elk Call

    Buck Baits Cow Elk Bite Reed Game Calls are very easy to use and sound great. The wood bell on the call makes the call have a mellow sound with a wonderful lifelike resonance. Include is a lanyard for carrying during your hunt.Features:Easy to use and...

  • Hunters Specialties

    Carlton Lonesome Cow Elk Call Lonesome Cow

    Features a larger call body than many calls for added volume and higher pitch. This means your calls carry farther to drive big bulls crazy. Simple to use, just bite and blow.Features:Larger call bodyAdded volume and higher pitchBite and blow

  • Hunters Specialties

    Carlton Long Ranger/fighti'n Cow Elk Call Combo

    The Long Ranger is a long-range call that is loud and high pitched. It will make a bull bugle from a long distance or make a bull bugle that is close but has quit calling. The Fight'n Cow Call has a range of sounds, from the high-pitch sounds of a cow...

  • Hunters Specialties

    Carlton Mac Daddy Elk Call

    The Mac Daddy is a bugle and cow call all wrapped into one. It is so easy to use that even the beginner can blow it. The Mac Daddy sounds are deep and rich, making them irresistible to the craftiest old bulls. This call includes mouthpiece with removable...

  • Duel

    Duel Meadow Mist Elk Call Single Reed

    The Meadow Mist is a single reed mouth call designed for a comfortable fit. Put your own dual chambers to work and make a variety of cow calls and bull bugles.Features:Single reedComfortable fitPut your own dual chambers to work and make a variety of cow...

  • Duel

    Duel Wapiti Wailer Elk Call

    Easy to use bite call that mimics cow’s high to low mew sounds. Extended nasal cavity for added resonance. Includes lanyard.Features:Easy to useMimics a cows high to low mew soundsExtended nasal cavity for added resonance

  • Primos

    Primos Bull Horn Elk Call

    The Bull Horn is easy, accurate, and super compact. Together the patented Support Shelf mouthpiece and expandable hose of the Bull Horn enable you to reproduce accurate bugles and cow calls with variable tones. The hose is also designed to expand from 7"...

  • Primos

    Primos Cowgirl Elk Call

    The Cow Girl call is a bite and blow style call. A cow elk’s call is characterized by a note, sliding from a high note to a low note. The Cow Girl is one of the easiest ways to achieve the sliding note consistently. Squeeze the end of the Cow Girl for...

  • Primos

    Primos Elk Select Mouth Calls 4 Pk.

    This complete package of mouth reed calls effectively reproduces all the sounds of a herd of elk. The Sentry Plate Single has a Sound Plate that automatically positions it in your mouth at the right place and angle, making calling elk easier. The plate...

  • Primos

    Primos Hoochie Mama Elk Call

    Reproduces the cry of a lost cow elk. This call is tunable to go from a lost cow call to an easy estrus cow call. Simple to use, just push on the call to produce realistic cow elk sounds. 100 percent freezeproof.Features:Reproduces the cry of lost cow...

  • Primos

    Primos Hoochie Pack Elk Call

    Ultimate two call pack for luring cow elk and bulls into range. Includes the adjustable Hoochie Mama and the smaller Baby Hoochie Mama. Makes mews, lost calls and estrus calls of adult cows and the sliding notes of young elk.Features:Hoochie MamaBaby...

  • Primos

    Primos Hyper Lip Double Elk Call

    The Hyper LIP Double with Tone Converter makes calling elk easy. The Tone Converter converts the locating calls of the Hyper LIP into more subtle sounds. Reproduces deeper, louder tones of the matriarch cow.Features:Open double-reed reproduces deeper,...

  • Primos

    Primos Imaka Da Bullcrazy Elk Call

    Open reed elk mouth call. For normal or close in calling. Manipulatable to sound like multiple cow elk.Features:Open reed elk mouth callFor normal or close in callingManipulatable to sounds like multiple cow elk

  • Primos

    Primos Imaka Da Bullcrazy Elk Long-range Call

    The long range IMAKA DA BULLCRAZY was designed for long range calling or windy days. Like its twin, IMAKA DA BULLCRAZY, the long range version is manipulatable so you can vary the pitch of the call to sound like multiple cow elk. It comes with a green...