Feeders and Accessories

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter Digital Feeder Kit

    Digital clock feeder featuring an adjustable feed rate of 1 to 30 seconds. Feeds 1 to 16 times per day or can feed different days of the week. Folds down to less than 10". Powered by 8 AA batteries.Features:Digital clock feederAdjustable feed rateFolds...

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter Rd-pro Analog Feeder Kit

    Analog clock timer and guard feeds 1-24 times per day. Adjustable feed rate (1-30 sec). Fits almost any feed container and is pre-wired for accessories. Features a weather resistant housing with built in varmint guard. Requires 6V battery (not...

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter Solar Charger 6v

    Converts sunlight into electric power for charging 6 volt rechargeable batteries. Weatherproof, rustproof and corrosive resistant. Fits R-kits, RD-kits and Pro Series kits.Features:Converts sunlight into electric powerFor charging 6 volt rechargeable...

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter Sun Slinger Feeder Kit

    Features a built-in solar panel. Feeds 1 to 16 times per day. Can feed different days of the week. Easy touch digital timer makes set-up quick and easy. Requires 6 Volt rechargeable battery (not included). Includes built-in 6 Volt solar charger and...

  • Moultrie

    Moultrie All In One Hanging Feeder 5 Gal.

    Hanging 5 gallon collapsible bucket featuring wind resistant metal spin plate. Includes an all-in-one timer kit. Timer programs up to 4 feed times per day. Customizable run time of 1 to 20 seconds.Features:5 gallon collapsible bucketWind-resistant metal...

  • Moultrie

    Moultrie Deer Standard Tripod Feeder 30 Gal.

    Deer Feeder Standard Tripod features Quick-Lock technology, metal spin plate, 30-gallon hopper, digital timer programs up to (4) feed times per day from 1 to 20 seconds each and an external power port for solar panel. Feeder height 5.5 feet. (4) AA...

  • Moultrie

    Moultrie Feed Station 40 Lb Capacity

    With no electronics and no moving parts, this basic gravity model offers value and ease of use. Simply strap it to a tree, no batteries or assembly required. The feed station also dispenses a wide variety of feed types, from powders to corn to mixtures...

  • Moultrie

    Moultrie Gravity Kit Feeder

    The Moultrie Gravity Feeder Kit will attach to any barrel or Moultrie feeder you already own. The Gravity Kit features a reinforced Quicklock adapter for simple twist-on, twist-off installation. With adjustable flow, the Gravity Kit is ideal for feeding...

  • Moultrie

    Moultrie Hanging Directional Feeder 6.5 Gallon

    The Directional Feeder offers spinner plate with agitator and exclusive anti-clog technology bring a new level of reliability to multiple feed types. Feeder casts in one direction. Schedule up to six daily feed times with programmable timer. Operates on...

  • Moultrie

    Moultrie Hanging Standard Feeder 5 Gallon

    Hang it wherever you need it, this feeder uses a plastic bucket to deliver feed four times a day. A digital timer lets you program feed duration of 1-120 seconds. Features a metal spinner plate for greater durability. Requires 4 AA batteries, not...

  • Moultrie

    Moultrie Pro Hunter Ii Feeder Kit

    The Pro Hunter II Feeder kit has an adjustable internal funnel for improved feed flow to the spinner reducing clogs and uneven feed dispersal. Features include an Easy Set digital timer, up to 6 different daily feed times ranging from 1-20 seconds and...

  • Rhino Blind

    Rhino Outpost Feeder 20 Lb. Capacity

    The Outpost feeder holds up to 20 pounds of feed and weighs only 25 pounds completely full. The included carrying bag makes moving the feeder simple and convenient. With the Outpost feeder's included timer and motorized feeding mechanism, you can choose...

  • Strike Force

    Strike Force Game Feeder Kit Photocell

    Simply take most any barrel, drum, or bucket, attach the kit and you are ready to start feeding. Just set-up morning and evening feedings using the simple controls and easily adjust those feedings based on light levels at those times. You can also...