• SeaSense

    SeaSense Mshroom Anchor Vinyl Coat

    The Seasense Mushroon AnchorĀ  It is the ideal size and weight for skiffs, canoes, inflatables, and other small boats in calm waters. The wide area mushroom cap with drains in the base provides excellent holding power in the mud or weedy bottoms. It is a...

  • SeaSense

    SeaSense River Anchor 15Lb Blk Vinyl Coatd

    The Seasense River Anchor is 15 pounds. It is black vinyl coated. The River anchor combines the features of a traditional mushroom anchor with flukes for better bottom penetration. It is designed for rivers and mud bottom lakes. It is great for pontoons...

  • SeaSense

    SeaSense Stow Away Bow Light Chrome

    The Seasense Stow Away Bow Light Chrome has a standard to pin base. A locking collar is included. It has enough height to shine over the anchor at rest. Standard to pin base Locking collar is included Enough height to shine over the anchor at rest