• 3Coil

    3Coil Puna With Action Case

    The Puna by 3Coil offers distinctive styling and uncompromising functionality. Meticulously engineered to offer the full capability demanded from a modern multitool, the Puna functions as a knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, and more. Its small and...

  • Largemouth Bass

    American Expedition

    American Expedition Square Coaster -

    The Signature Series Square Absorbent Stone Coasters offer a fresh option for our coaster category. The coasters measure 4" x 4" and have a porous surface which allows the coaster to absorb condensation off of a drinking glass. The back of each coaster...

  • RuckUp

    GenPro Pouches Tactical MOLLE Folio Pouch Black

    Gen Pro has created something for those hardcore, tactical people in your life that are stuck in an office job or in school. The MOLLE Folio is the ideal Padfolio for business, work, school or the field. It's got a spot for a legal pad, multiple pens or...

  • Ka-Bar

    KA-BAR Acrylic Dome Presentation Case

    Acrylic-topped wood-base display case is perfect for Showcasing your KA-BAR knife. It is perfect for knives up to 13 inches long. KA-BAR Knives, Inc., a subsidiary of Alcas Corporation, manufactures high quality military, hunting, sporting, and...

  • Ka-Bar

    KA-BAR Krunch Spoon-Straw

    The KA-BAR Krunch Spoon/Straw is the ultimate utensil for soups and cereal. Made with food and water safe Creamid, the Krunch features a generous-sized spoon. Inside of the Krunch is a straw, which allows you to drink your milk, soup broth, or any other...

  • Ka-Bar

    KA-BAR Lake Effect Ice Scraper Black

    Ka-bar Lake Effect black Grivory ice scraper makes short work of cleaning ice off your windshield and can be used alternately as a self-defense tool. Scraper color: Black Grivory. Made in the U.S.A. Length: 6 inches. Width: 5 inches. Weight: 3.6-ounces...

  • Ka-Bar

    KA-BAR Walnut Presentation Case

    The Ka-Bar walnut display case with burgundy colored velour-covered pillow displays your KA-BAR knives up to 13" overall. Hinged glass-top cover locks for safe keeping. Two wall mounts allow case to be displayed on a wall. The item is made in the USA...

  • Green


    Kershaw Ration Teal 4.60 in Overall Length

    If you camp, backpack, hike, or hunt, you know you need this. If you have to grab lunch between classes, you know you need this. If you eat lunch at your desk, you really know you need this. Of course, the Kershaw Ration Spoon-and-Fork, Bottle Opener...

  • Green


    Kershaw Ration XL Silver 7.30 in Overall Length

    For those with larger hands or who just prefer a little more length in their cutlery, Kershaw brings you the Ration XL Spoon, Fork, Bottle Opener. It's an upgrade to their popular Ration eating utensil and it offers all the tools of the original Ration,...

  • KeyBar

    KeyBar Full Carbon Fiber

    The KeyBar is a patented USA made key organizer with a titanium pocket clip that works like a multi-tool for your keys. Just load your keys how you want them. You can even add their accessories such as a flash drive, bottle opener, comb, screwdriver and...

  • Nextorch

    Nextorch KniSFor Counter Display

    The Nextorch KniSFor Counter Display is the perfect display for the NexTool camping cutlery. Included are four KniSFor Utensil Tools. Knisfor is a knife-fork-spoon combo-cutlery, The integrated and compact design, make it easy to pack and carry;...