Batons & Accessories

  • Monadnock

    Monadnock AutoLock in Exp. Black Chrome Baton Grip

    The  AutoLock® expandable baton was developed through cutting-edge engineering and is made from 4130 seamless alloy steel tubing. With its ball bearing action and locking mechanism this baton is easy to expand, and when it’s time to close, simply push...

  • Monadnock

    Monadnock in Riot Baton w-Kurled Grip

    The 2001 is a series rigid riot baton that is extremely durable. It has a knurled grip that helps to keep the baton securely in the hand and increases baton retention and subject-control holds. The polycarbonate construction provides excellent impact...

  • Monadnock

    Monadnock X3 22 in Expandable Baton End Cap

    The AutoLock® X3™ expandable baton is the latest offering in the AutoLock baton family. Improving upon the original Monadnock® positive locking design, updates have been made to the cam and stainless steel ball bearing design which offers reliably...