Hearing Protection

  • Birchwood Casey

    BW eKrest Electronic Muff Desert Tan 26 NRR

    Birchwood Casey Krest 26 Muffs is our most powerful, passive noise reduction muffs. Featuring comfortable, padded ear cups and a padded fold away headband. These muffs are as comfortable as they are effective at reducing the harmful effects of muzzle...

  • Black

    Do All Outdoors

    Do All Outdoors Boost Series 2 Channel BTE

    Our latest Do All Outdoors Colored EarShield Series 2 Channel BTE's (Behind The Ears) with BOOST Technology are the smallest clearest, best sounding hearing enhancers on the market today! Weighing less than 1/4 ounce, they pack in all of the power most...

  • Do All Outdoors

    Do All Outdoors EarShield 2 Channel Digital BTE

    Do All Outdoors EarShield 2 Channel Digital BTE-Behind The Ear Hearing Enhancer combines ease of use, small size, big power and a great price point! With 2 digital channels delivering an amazing 40dB of gain, your hearing will increase 8X's, while using...

  • Green

    Do All Outdoors

    Do All Outdoors EarShield Dual Muff Green

    Green Earshield Dual Muffs from Do All Outdoors provides you with the top of the line hearing protction while improving your hearing up to 7X's. With state of the art Sound Activated Compression to protect you from sounds above 85dB and 50dB power you...

  • Hyskore

    Hyskore Over and Out AM FM Radio Hearing Protector

    The Hyskore Over & Out Radio Hearing Protector provides entertainment for these times when you are involved in boring, repetitive tasks, or just want to hang out. As a bonus, it protects hearing at a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 21. The set requires 2...

  • Howard Leight

    Leight AirSoft Corded Ear Plugs w Carrying Case 2 pr

    With a Noise Reduction Rating of 27, Howard Leight AirSoft Corded Earplugs with Carrying Case offer unparalleled hearing protection for shooting in a multiple-use earplug. These earplugs feature a unique, four-flange design that creates a better seal in...

  • Howard Leight

    Leight Cool Pads Earmuff Covers 100 Pair

    Howard Leight Cool Pads keep ears warm in cold climates and absorb moisture in humid areas. Apply them to ear cushions to improve overall comfort and hygiene. Apply to ear cushions to improve overall comfort and hygiene Keeps ears warm in cold...

  • Howard Leight

    Leight Corded Pre-Shaped Foam Ear Plugs 3 pair

    Howard Leight by Honeywell Super Leight Disposable Foam Shooting Earplugs offer the best hearing protection for shooting of any single-use earplugs (33 NRR). The pre-shaped, contoured foam is designed to fit almost any ear canal for comfortable all-day...

  • Howard Leight

    Leight for Women Pre-Shaped Foam Ear Plugs 14 pair

    Howard Leight for Women Pre-Shaped Small Earplugs provide a specialized hearing protection solution for women or anyone with smaller ear canals. Using pre-shaped, contoured foam, these scaled-down earplugs fit almost any smaller ear canal for comfortable...

  • Howard Leight

    Leight Impact Sport Bolt Electronic Earmuff

    At the range or on the hunt, the Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff keeps you protected from hazardous noise and connected to your environment. It carries a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22 in both on and off mode. When the electronic ear...