Pepper Spray

  • Black

    Police Force

    Cutting Edge Police Force 23 Pepper Spray .5

    This 1/2 oz. Streetwise 23 pepper spray comes encased in a durable plastic shell with an attached key ring which allows for fast access in case of an emergency. The finger indentions make for a firm grip on the unit while the flip top design helps...

  • Guard Dog Security

    Guard Dog AccuFire Pink

    Pepper spray is typically activated in high-stress, frantic situations leaving the user vulnerable to potential misfires, misaim and further assailant aggression. As a result, Guard Dog Security introduces the next generation of accurate and effective...

  • Guard Dog Security

    Guard Dog Military Edition Pepper Gel

    Built for professionals, available to the public This small and concealable military-grade pepper spray is ideal for low profile officers or for home and personal use. This ballistic Guard Dog pepper spray features a built-in clip, allowing for quick and...

  • Guard Dog Security

    Guard Dog Practice Pepper Spray

    The Guard Dog Security Practice Pepper Spray includes an active keychain pepper spray with a practice inert canister for target and practice usage to ensure accurancy and training. Within the package is a free fold-out target for convenient usage with...