Personal Defense

  • ASP Blue Line Sapphire USB


    ASP Blue Line Sapphire USB

    The original Sapphire virtually created the personal LED light industry, and millions of lights later, continues to lead the innovation charge. Unlike the countless "keychain lights" that are built to be cheap, today's Sapphire is a serious, precision...

  • ASP Poly DF


    ASP Poly DF

    This polymer-body performance tactical flashlight is built to be the finest, brightest, most advanced law enforcement lighting tool in the industry. The poly exterior, mated to an aluminum internal frame and wrapped with our exclusive foamed vinyl grip,...

  • ASP Pro DF with US Charge Kit


    ASP Pro DF with US Charge Kit

    The Pro DF (Dual Fuel) flashlight boasts a primary-setting brightness of 500 lumens, with a secondary light level thats user-programmable at 15, 60, or 150 lumens, or strobe. In keeping with our emphasis on intuitive design and simplicity in our law...

  • ASP Scribe AAA


    ASP Scribe AAA

    The ASP Scribe has the dimensions and feel of a fine writing instrument. It is easily carried in a suit pocket, shirt or pants. The rear button activation is instantly accessible, rapid and quiet. The Scribe is a one hand light. There are no complex...

  • ASP Dot USB Black


    ASP Dot USB Black

    Don't be fooled by its tiny size, the Dot packs a big light punch. At 130 lumens, this little flashlight is brighter than some lights ten times its size?and it's rechargeable. The Dot is small enough to carry on a key chain, but it's a high-end,...