Bags & Packs

  • Black/Gray

    Voodoo Tactical


    The bottom exterior 9 x 9 compartment is double-insulated to keep contents cold when on the go. It contains a pouch for an ice pack, three mesh pockets to secure baby bottles or drinks and a compartment is large enough to hold additional food items. The...

  • Filled Valor Standard C.f.o. Kit

    Voodoo Tactical

    Filled Valor Standard C.f.o. Kit

    Valor Standard has set a new foundation for the field med-pack. First, of its kind, we introduce the C.F.O. (complete foldout) the system with this medical pack to be built as the most efficient on the market. Valor Standard C.F.O. Medical Pack will...


    Voodoo Tactical


    We are proud to introduce the latest and most versatile addition to our line… The Valor Standard “Brief Pack”.  Finally, a complete tactical briefcase that can quickly transition into a “hands free” back pack. Designed with practical...

  • Spotlit Rechargeable Carabiner Light - Disc-o Tech


    Spotlit Rechargeable Carabiner Light - Disc-o Tech

    Whenever you need a little light, the rechargeable SpotLit is there. Set in a secure stainless steel carabiner clip with a durable, weather-resistant body, all it takes is a little push to bring it to life. Featuring an innovative Disc-O Tech LED module,...

  • Special Gamut 2.0 - Tiger Stripe Camo


    Special Gamut 2.0 - Tiger Stripe Camo

    Tug the Hot-Pull Tab to access the PDW rifle discreetly carried in an adjustable print-proof scabbard that doubles as a laptop and sensitive gear sleeve. The Gamut backpack front flap can be configured as an external sling to carry larger items while...

  • 1505 Padded Divider Set - PL-015000-4050-000

    Pelican Products

    1505 Padded Divider Set - PL-015000-4050-000

    A classic organizational solution. Versatile and durable, padded dividers easily adjust to fit your equipment into any configuration on the fly. Plus, you can quickly identify your gear with the padded divider's high contrast color.

  • Vertxtransit 2.0 Sling Pack - VTX-VTX5041TW-SMGNA

    Vertxtransit 2.0 Sling Pack - VTX-VTX5041TW-SMGNA

    When you€™re on the go and can€™t be burdened by a full-size pack but still need to bring the goods, this medium volume sling is spacious and versatile enough to handle your CCW and EDC needs. Blending into the crowd is easy with the Transit Sling. Plus,...

  • Vertxgamut Overland Pack - VTX-VTX5022MSN-CBNA

    Vertxgamut Overland Pack - VTX-VTX5022MSN-CBNA

    When you can€™t leave anything behind, including your PDW rifle, you can rely on the roomy and robust construction and features built into the Gamut Overland pack to keep your gear at the ready. The main compartment opens 180 degrees for easy loading and...

  • Vertxdead Letter Sling Pack

    Vertxdead Letter Sling Pack

    This mid-sized sling works and plays large because of the versatility built into every critical feature. The Dead Letter Sling€™s appearance and functionality can be modified in seconds to adapt to your immediate needs. Multiple carry options let you...

  • Vertxgo Pack - VTX-VTX5001RF-SMGNA

    Vertxgo Pack - VTX-VTX5001RF-SMGNA

    An active lifestyle requires gear that can keep up with the pace and the VertxGo Pack goes more than the extra mile. A drawstring gym bag with tactical upgrades, the Go Pack features two comfortable airmesh straps and contoured shoulder pads that...