Electronics & Communication

  • Code Red Headsets

    CR-MILTAC Tactical Headset

    Noise cancelling Dual Muff headset with ''hear through'' technology using electronic amplification of ambient sounds. Headset connects to PTT with a Nexus TP-120 plug wired to the US NATO standard. Features 5 levels of battery powered sound...

  • Fabrikoid Bound Book - Level

    Rite In The Rain

    Fabrikoid Bound Book - Level

    Our Hard Cover Books Won'T Let You Down. Everything From The Cover, The Paper, The Sewn-In Pages, Even The Glue Is Designed To Survive Mother Natureā€šS Wrath.

  • Environmental Hard Cover Book

    Rite In The Rain

    Environmental Hard Cover Book

    The durable and regal fabric cover endures the onslaught of the elements as well as the slow, insidious passage of time. Equipped with environmental reference material and numbered pages this book not only helps optimize your data but meets US EPA...

  • Saunders

    Aluminum Clipboard - Letter Size

    This sleek, letter size, aluminum clipboard with low profile clip is tough and durable. The sturdy and lightweight design is ideal for the office, school, and any setting that requires a portable writing surface. Low profile clip with rubber grips holds...

  • Saunders

    Recycled Plastic Clipboard - Legal - Black

    This black Recycled Plastic legal size clipboard is ideal for professional looking to display legal documents on-the-go. Using a legal size clipboard helps protects legal documents from getting wrinkled and bent. Made with recycled plastic, with a...

  • Yellow

    Rite In The Rain

    Stapled Notebook - 4.625 x 7 - 3 Pack

    The University of Washington Biology Department is home to a 40-year catalog of field data on Magellenic penguins - all within Rite in the Rain staple-bound notebooks. UW trusts only Rite in the Rain to protect this data from the rigors of field work,...

  • Black

    Rite In The Rain

    Pocket Notebook Cover

    These CORDURA fabric Covers fit all 3 x 5 top spiral notebooks. They have a rugged zipper closure and hold up to 4 writing utensils! Closed outside size is 4 1/4 x 5 7/8.

  • Sheet Holder - Letter/a4 Size


    Sheet Holder - Letter/a4 Size

    HIPAA Compliant Sheet Holder with high capacity serrated clip is perfect for nursing students, medical professionals, and really anyone looking to avoid the unintentional release of information. It keeps your documents from being folded or creased and...

  • Bound Book

    Rite In The Rain

    Bound Book

    Fabrikoid Case-Bound Books, the Tough Guys on the Block. If you need a seriously impressive book, the Case Bound Books won't let you down. Everything from the cover, the paper, the sewn-in pages, even the glue is designed to survive Mother Nature's wrath.

  • Top-spiral Notebook

    Rite In The Rain

    Top-spiral Notebook

    This durable top spiral 6'' x 9'' notebook is perfect for any all-weather situation. There's plenty of room to record your data or simply reflect on the day's adventure. The top spiral notebook has a convenient drill hole so you can hang it nearby. The...