Tools & Equipment

  • Resqhammer



    The stainless steel hammer head easily breaks car side windows, and the razor-sharp blade cuts swiftly through jammed seat belts. Easy to install in your car with its mounting bracket, it can be attached to various locations inside your vehicle to ensure...

  • Nightstick Heavy Weighted Magnetic Base


    Nightstick Heavy Weighted Magnetic Base

    The Heavy-Weighted Magnetic Base fits the 1060, 1160, 1170, 1180 and 1260 series LED lights. It's design includes a padded magnet so that it can be attached to any metal surface either horizontally or vertically. The padded magnet will protect the...

  • Deep Waterproof Stowaway (3700)


    Deep Waterproof Stowaway (3700)

    Plano's Waterproof StowAway Utility Boxes feature a Dri-Loc O-ring seal and 3 tight-sealing, cam-action latches. They're ideal for holding a number of items: hooks, sinkers, jigs, plastic worms, crankbaits, and more. Made in USA.

  • Steelie Orbiter Dash Mount Kit


    Steelie Orbiter Dash Mount Kit

    The Nite Ize Steelie Orbiter Dash Kit keeps your phone conveniently accessible on the dash while letting you easily adjust your screen for the perfect viewing angle. This kit combines a Dash Mount with the powerful Orbiter Magnetic Socket and a...

  • Large Storage Case


    Large Storage Case

    The sturdy, partitioned lift-out tray holds frequently used items, and speed square storage is built into the tray. A built-in measuring tape compartment keeps your tape measure accessible. The deep construction of this tool box is ideal for storing tool...

  • 3600 Stowaway Utility Box


    3600 Stowaway Utility Box

    To ensure tackle is completely protected, Plano offers a full line of StowAway utility boxes that feature its advanced ProLatch locking system. These latches offer added security to ensure lures and gear stay put, even if tossed around in transit or in...

  • Entrenching Tool


    Entrenching Tool

    A folding shovel can be an indispensable tool in today's constantly changing environment. We know one thing, when you need to move sand, dirt or snow you wish you had that shovel close at hand.

  • Defense Wrench

    5ive Star Gear

    Defense Wrench

    The Defense Wrench is designed as a more pocket-friendly self-defense tool. This device offers three distinct defensive impact striking surfaces engineered to generate maximum power with minimal effort. When properly utilized, defensive strikes, locks,...