Tools & Equipment

  • Active Patrol Kit

    5.11 Tactical

    Active Patrol Kit

    Comprised of the MultiSledge and the Multiply Entry Tools for the lightest mechanical breaching kit available on the market. Ideal kit for standard use in patrol cars, emergency services, military ,or wherever immediate access is required. After a short...

  • Black

    Zak Tool

    Alloy Entry Tool

    Includes 3/4? Drive for our ZT79 Hydrant Socket (Socket sold separately), strap hook, commercial gas valve shut-off slot and enhanced traction.

  • Basic Mine Probe Kit, Sheath - Box

    Gerber Gear

    Basic Mine Probe Kit, Sheath - Box

    Probe shallow. Probe deep. Probe as circumstances dictate with either Basic Mine Probe Kit or the Deluxe version. The shafts are engineered from titanium, combine for an overall length of 25 inches and are sensitive enough to transmit even the lightest...

  • Becker Tac Tool


    Becker Tac Tool

    A design collaboration between Ethan Becker of BK&T and John Benner of TDI, the Tac Tool smashes, bashes, prys, hammers and cuts. It is equally powerful at lifting stubborn hinge pins, prying open doors or windows, and hammering out glass as it is...

  • Ceramic Blade Razor

    5ive Star Gear

    Ceramic Blade Razor

    The Ceramic Razor Blade is totally non-metallic, made from Zirconia ceramic, a super-hard material that is extremely wear-resistant. This covert blade with a chisel-grind edge is designed as a hide-out blade for cutting tape, ropes, plastic cuffs, etc...

  • Chanceinhell Machete

    Columbia River Knife & Tool

    Chanceinhell Machete

    With an even bigger blade than the original, a comfortable handle, and reinforced nylon sheath, this is the survival machete to use when the only thing you'll be cutting to is your destination.

  • Cia Covert Cutter

    5ive Star Gear

    Cia Covert Cutter

    The C.I.A. Covert Cutter is an update to the classic, but decades-old, C.I.A. Letter Opener for the new millennium. This updated version is made from GV3H, the high-tech composite from Switzerland made with 30% glass fibers. This completely non-metallic...

  • Corkscrew Bottle Opener

    5ive Star Gear

    Corkscrew Bottle Opener

    Made from once fired .50cal BMG military grade ammunition that measures approximately 7in in length. Used to open your favorite bottles of wine. End of the bullet unscrews to reveal the corkscrew then simply slide the bullet through the hole which will...

  • Csi/pro Evidence Metal Detector Kit

    Garrett Security Systems

    Csi/pro Evidence Metal Detector Kit

    The CSI Pro is capable of identifying multiple targets in close proximity. It features adjustable, high-res discrimination and an enhanced, 0-to-99 scale. The digital target ID can help you distinguish between targeted crime scene evidence and other...

  • Defense Wrench

    5ive Star Gear

    Defense Wrench

    The Defense Wrench is designed as a more pocket-friendly self-defense tool. This device offers three distinct defensive impact striking surfaces engineered to generate maximum power with minimal effort. When properly utilized, defensive strikes, locks,...

  • Entrenching Tool


    Entrenching Tool

    A folding shovel can be an indispensable tool in today's constantly changing environment. We know one thing, when you need to move sand, dirt or snow you wish you had that shovel close at hand.

  • Fire Power Rescue Tool

    Emi - Emergency Medical

    Fire Power Rescue Tool

    The EMI Fire-Power Rescue Tool is designed to be the ultimate, all-in-one lifesaving tool. It combines seven essential rescue tools into one portable item: a set of pliers, a cutter, a pry bar, a spanner wrench, a window punch, a seatbelt cutter and a...

  • Folding Saw


    Folding Saw

    A saw is an essential piece of survival equipment. The longer the saw, the easier to use, but the harder to carry. We achieved a nice balance between the two. The Folding Saw has a 8.25 blade of hardened and tempered steel that makes short order of...

  • Gator Kukri Machete

    Gerber Gear

    Gator Kukri Machete

    This triple threat machete is a workhorse: a pointed tip pierces with accuracy, a wide midsection chops with power and ease, a narrow area above the handle is ideal for whittling or carving. With full tang contruction and a Gator Grip, this tool is a...

  • Gi Spec Tri-fold Pick Shovel

    5ive Star Gear

    Gi Spec Tri-fold Pick Shovel

    The 5ive Star Gear GI Spec 3-Fold Pick/Shovel is an exact copy of the original U.S. Military version. The tri-fold design folds up for easy carrying and storage when not in use. It opens to 23 inches when fully extended and collapses to 9.5 inches when...