Traffic Safety

  • High-Vis Yellow

    5.11 Tactical

    5 Point Breakaway Vest

    Offering superior protection and safety for high risk applications, the 5 Point Breakaway Vest is designed to break away harmlessly from the body in the event of mechanical entanglement.

  • Alert Whistle


    Alert Whistle

    All whistles are definitely not created equal. ASP Whistles are molded from ordnance-grade polymer, and feature a Spanish cork ball that generates a piercing tone of incredible intensity. Whether for training or traffic control, there is no more...

  • Black

    Acme Whistles

    Cyclone Whistle

    Modulated sound, more user friendly, without sacrificing loudness or control, 119dBA. Less effort by Airfast whistle standards.

  • Yellow


    LED Traffic Wand

    The Model 1634 LED Yellow Traffic Wand features a bright lumen output with a yellow cone and a black formed handle for ultimate grip and comfort. One body mounted push button controls the On/Strobe/Off lighting functions. Pressing the button once, turns...

  • Paddle Sign

    Pro-line Traffic Safety

    Paddle Sign

    Pro-Line Stop / Slow Paddles meet MUTCD requirements. Octagon shaped paddles are available silk-screened, or with Engineer Grade, High Intensity, or Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting. Letter size: 8 for 24 Paddle, 6 for 18 Paddle. Pro-Line's Stop / Slow...

  • Black

    Acme Whistles


    Possibly the biggest selling whistle of all time, easy to blow, small, high pitch 117dBA and loud. Favored by customers in colder settings where metal might stick to the skin; also chosen by officials in sports, teaching, animal training, police...

    $11.46 - $17.98
  • Thunderer 560

    Acme Whistles

    Thunderer 560

    Excellent Retriever whistle. Particularly effective in heavy cover or rugged country situations. Little affected by strong winds and bad weather. Loud to the user as well as to the dog-popular worldwide.

  • Traffic Wand- Orange - FNX-AOT-L


    Traffic Wand- Orange - FNX-AOT-L

    Convert your flashlight into a highly visible, glowing orange traffic wand. It’s the best option for emergency situations, traffic control and emitting SOS. Super-strong, this traffic wand is compression/impact resistant and high temperature resistant. ...

  • Red


    Traffic/Safety Wand for Maglite AA MiniMag

    When directing traffic, controlling a crowd or any other time your signals need to be seen in dark or low-light conditions, the Maglite Traffic/Safety Wand will make sure all eyes are on you. This red wand attaches to your Maglite ML25 flashlight.

  • Yellow


    Yellow Safety Cone

    The Safety Cone fits the 1060, 1160, 1170, 1180 and 1260 series LED Lights. Fits over the flashlight/spotlight and turns it into a safety light for a multitude of uses including traffic direction and roadside hazards. Ideal for night time use.