Training & Defense

  • Sabre

    Protector Runner Dog Spray

    Run or walk confidently with the Protector Runner Dog Spray. Short-term, humane and convenient, this dog spray helps deter dog attacks while helping prevent injuries to yourself, your pet and the attacking dog.

  • Mace

    The Side Kick Merchandiser

    The MACE Side Kick Merchandiser includes 3 black 2.3oz personal model pepper sprays, 3 neon pink 2.3oz personal model pepper sprays, 3 neon yellow 2.3oz personal model pepper sprays, 3 black 1.7oz pocket model pepper sprays, 3 neon pink 1.7oz pocket...

  • Sabre

    Sabre Red 1.33% Mc 1oz Stream (mk-20)

    The Sabre Red 1.33% MC 1.0 oz (MK-20) Stream deploys 10 full one second bursts at a range of 10 ft. The SABRE MK-20 is the quickest and easiest to draw duty belt aerosol technology. The sturdy metal duty belt clip eliminates the unnecessary expense of a...

  • Sabre

    Water Practice Spray W/ Flip Top

    Practicing any skill helps you to become better, making new abilities easier to perform. That’s why practice spray is so important for new pepper spray users or those who haven’t used it in a long time. Sabre’s Practice Spray with Flip Top contains...

  • Rimfire Action Proving Dummy Rounds


    Rimfire Action Proving Dummy Rounds

    These Rimfire dummy rounds are ideal for gun testing and shooter training. Not snap caps, but rather precisely dimensioned, functional dummies; A-Zoom Training Rounds are CNC machined from solid aluminum and hard anodized. A-Zoom Rimfire dummies are...

  • Sabre

    Pepper Spray W/ Quick Release Key Ring

    The Quick Release with detachable key chain allows immediate access to your defense spray when unlocking a door or driving an automobile. The most popular Sabre style, the Quick Release, is a small, but powerful 0.54 oz container delivering a ballistic...

  • 6 Cone Collar

    Pro-line Traffic Safety

    6 Cone Collar

    Call attention to dangerous areas indoors and out. Economical, durable Poly-Vinyl-Chloride (PVC) Cones will withstand temperatures from under 10½ F to over 160½ F. Lightweight and stackable for easy transport and storage.

  • Sabre

    Pepper Gel Pocket Unit With Clip

    The SABRE RED Pepper Gel Pocket Unit with Clip provides an easy way to have an effective form of self-defense always at your side. Its clip makes it handy to carry on a belt, where it will be ready for action should you need it. It's small enough to...

  • 18  Collapsible Cone Kit (4)

    Pro-line Traffic Safety

    18 Collapsible Cone Kit (4)

    The Pro-Line Collapsible Cone Kit is perfect for emergency responders, Fire/EMS or simply as an emergency kit for motorists. The four cones each have one 4 reflective collar and rubber feet to help keep it grounded from high winds or passing cars &...