Tow Harness

  • WOW Watersports 11" - 4K EZ Tow Connector

    WOW Watersports

    WOW Watersports 11" - 4K EZ Tow Connector

    11" - 4K EZ Tow ConnectorThis 4K EZ Tow Connector makes it easy to attach and detach tow ropes to any towable. Simply attach the connector to the towables tow strap instead of having to thread a long 60 foot rope through the strap.Features:4100lbs (1.86...

  • WOW Watersports 1K Tow Y-Harness

    WOW Watersports

    WOW Watersports 1K Tow Y-Harness

    1K Tow Y-HarnessThis Tow Y Harness is designed for use on boats that have an outboard motor with no pylon or ski eye. The hooks are clipped on each side and then you connect your 1K tow rope. The tow rope comes separately. This tow harness is perfect for...

  • WOW Watersports 4K Y-Connector

    WOW Watersports

    WOW Watersports 4K Y-Connector

    4K Y-ConnectorThis Y Connector with EZ aluminum connector for quick hook up provides a central tow attachment point behind your boat. Simply attach to your boat and then your towable and your off and riding.Features:Manufactured with minimum stretch...

  • WOW Watersports Bungee Tow Rope Extension

    WOW Watersports

    WOW Watersports Bungee Tow Rope Extension

    Bungee Tow Rope ExtensionTired of the same old rope-and-tube experience? The Bungee Tow Rope Extension takes your tubes and adds a little extra whip and fling to your ride. This Bungee Extension is used with a traditional rope for an extended, wild ride!...

  • WOW Watersports Tow Bobber

    WOW Watersports

    WOW Watersports Tow Bobber

    Tow BobberThe Tow Bobber from WOW is a modified tow rope that will enhance your towing experience immensely. One problem that all tube riders face is the tow rope getting caught in the water on the whips. The Tow Bobber solves this problem. The Tow...